The many embarrassing problems that men face in their sex life

Staying healthy is the mantra:

While you may not want to attribute your poor eating habits and bad exercising routine to your poor sex life, the fact is that they are the most contributory factors in the degeneration of your sex life. If you want to be an ace among the women that you court and always want to be on their wish list then there are few things that you may have to do to get back on the route to being fit, physically and mentally.

Not all problems are serious:

When talking about sex life and the problems that can plague an average male during his sex life, even the slightest problems in its context may look like a big catastrophe. But the reality is that not all the problems that can plague the humanity are so serious and not rectified with the help of medical science.

Do not hesitate to see the doctor:

It may mean getting over the initial hesitation and also tiding over the embarrassing looks of people of having visited a doctor for any concerns you may have regarding your sexual health and sex organs. Remember, there is nothing that you must worry about when you have doubts in your mind. The earlier your mind is free from the doubts the better it is for you and your partner. There is absolutely no need to stress over the things that are not even big enough to stress upon and even if you think that they are, they are rectifiable with a little help.

Here is a list of the three most common problems that men face and a practical solution to them


This is also sometimes referred to as erectile dysfunction. The core of the problem is that the male may not be able to achieve a proper erection and even if there is one he may have trouble maintaining it till his partner can achieve orgasm.In medical science we know that an erection will occur only when there is adequate blood flow into the capillaries of the penis and there is inhibition of the release of PDE5 enzyme in the body. If the erectile dysfunction is a recent phenomenon then there are high chances that the person may be suffering from a cardiovascular problem regarding this you can check here at this website. Medical statistics have been able to categorically prove a pattern that men who have suffered cardiac arrest r a failure in one of the functional valves of their hearts have been complaining of erectile dysfunction and been on medication for it too Treatment will follow a thorough diagnosis of the causes of the disease and medication such as Viagra is prescribed along with lifestyle changes like diet and exercise.

TDS or testosterone Deficiency Syndrome

This is otherwise known as hypogonadism. The lack of getting a proper and longer erection under this condition is because of the under production of testosterone in the male. The problems that can present in this deficiency are bone brittleness, less stamina, lower energy levels and mood swings.The condition can be rectified with hormone replacement therapy and care must be taken to ensure that the hormone is slowly given and not given in one shot.

Prolonged erection

Even though the name makes it sound very desirable, this is a terrible condition where the erection lasts for few hours like four

Five hours and it can be fatal if not treated as an emergency. The patient will need to check in to trauma care as soon as possible preferably

Within eight hours of the occurrence.Experts believe that this is the result of an over dose or the side effect of a sexual enhancement pill such as

Viagra the treatment involves piercing a needle and draining out the blood from the erect penis to bring it back to normal size

Slight curve in the penis

The penis may have a slight to severe curve due to which there may be problems in having an erection

And consequently not able to have a satisfactory sex life. The deformation in the penis may be due to an injury

An accident which may leave a lump formation of tissues and surgery is the only recourse It has been seen in

Most cases to have considerable improvement and the person is able to enjoy better sex life.